What is the AlphaSphere?

An exceptional concept for deep relaxation and regeneration.
A multi-sensory, holistic experience – physical and psychological.

How does the AlphaSphere work?

Your senses connect in a new way in the AlphaSphere: holistically. SHA. composed a perception game out of unique sounds, lights, colours, warmth, gentle oscillations and a particular kind of spatial experience.

How does that work in practice?

The AlphaSphere balances: it enables you to experience stress relief and deep relaxation, as well as increased concentration and improved performance. Furthermore, it activates your creativity and facilitates the development of your personality. Physically, it has an effect on the harmonization of your breathing, the relaxation of your muscles, circulation in your connective tissue and correction of your blood pressure.

Is there any scientific evidence?

Several independent studies describe the positive effects of the AlphaSphere. At the University of Vienna, 500 Alpha sessions were analysed in a long-term study. Univ.Prof. Dr. Thomas Slunecko, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Psychology: »People who are out of balance can feel at one with themselves and with the world again in the AlphaSphere.«

Where is there an AlphaSphere?

Currently at some 300 locations in 35 countries. From A (like Airport) to Z (like Zen monastery). From a private loft to a public museum, from a design hotel to a thermal wellness spa, from a therapist’s practice to a medical clinic, and from an office headquarters to a modern sanctuary.

How did the AlphaSphere become so well known?

Enthusiastic people have simply told others about their experiences. The AlphaSphere has also been supported by international prizes and awards: the »European Spa Award« (Monaco), the »Indian Innovation Award« (New Delhi) and the »Senses Visions Award« (ITB Berlin) bear witness to this international recognition.

And how was the AlphaSphere created?

During his museum project »House of Music«, SHA. was able to observe the strong impact that prenatal sounds from the womb have on children and how their whole bodies feel at ease when they listen to it. Enabling us adults to experience similarly intensive, archaic sensory experiences was the fundamental driving force behind SHA. developing the AlphaSphere.

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AlphaSphere DELUXE

What is the AlphaSphere DELUXE?

A new dimension of holistic experience. The further development of the AlphaSphere into a comprehensive spatial solution. It intensifies, amplifies and enhances the Alpha effect.

What has SHA. developed further?

The 4D audio technology enhances the spatial depth and touches your body with a sea of micro oscillations. The luminous coloured cocoon envelops you and offers you different light compositions in line with the theories of colour therapy. Specially created scent compositions accompany every sensory journey from the perspective of aromatherapy. What’s more, the selection of various programmes makes the overall experience more diverse – with a lasting impact.

What’s behind it?

Here, art and science join hands: SHA. combines contemporary therapeutic insights from energy medicine with the latest results from perceptual research.

How does the AlphaSphere DELUXE work?

Totally relaxing and reenergizing – physically and psychologically. Which strengthens your skills of perception and activates your self-healing powers. And it achieves this simply, effortlessly and immediately – regardless of prior knowledge, practice or belief.

Where is it used?

Everywhere that there is a demand for top-level regeneration. From ambitious deep relaxation to lasting burnout prevention and supporting coaching and therapy – in physiological and psychological contexts.

What programmes are there?

The Alpha programmes differ in terms of colours and sounds, vibrations and oscillations. Furthermore, SHA. created a distinctive room scent for each programme. The effect of the programmes ranges from blue (calm, relaxation) to yellow (energy, vitalization).

Who is it for?

The AlphaSphere DELUXE is for people who want to strengthen their physical and psychological equilibrium and enhance their perceptions – while enjoying sensory indulgence.

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Wolke 7 Cloud 9

What is the WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9?

A special edition in deceleration.
Jointly developed by SHA. and KLAFS.

What is it exactly?

WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9 is a unique spatial instrument. It lets various elements oscillate in a large resonance system: from the cradle landscape and sound clouds, colour illuminations and a media cocoon to the soft floor covering and a specially developed 3D plaster on the walls.

What is the philosophy behind it?

»Space and time in abundance – that’s the new luxury nowadays.« With this motto, SHA. offers an alternative to the purely material definition of luxury while at the same time providing an answer to the archaic longing for deceleration amidst our high-performance society.

What do the media say?

»First place in the top ten gifts for managers.« (Die Presse)
»The sonorous miracle Cloud 9 by SHA.« (ORF 1)
»Art that is intended to be used, not observed.« (Cosmopolitan)
»Spirited Away!« (European Spa Magazine)

What do you get out of it?

WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9 lets you immerse yourself in a world filled with aesthetics and poetry, where the limitations of everyday life grow hazy. In SHA.’s own words: »Oscillating on a cloudscape, you set off on a journey of the senses – at the end of which is endlessness.«

What makes this concept stand out?

WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9 appears as an exclusive limited edition that is only available at select locations around the world. It has already been awarded several international prizes – among them the »European Health & Spa Award for the most innovative product«.

How Wolke 7 Cloud 9 has developed?

In cooperation with the German World Market Leader KLAFS.
The concept is based on the patented pendulum swing from KLAFS, that is the basic for SHA.'s composition.

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Space Design

How does SHA. design spaces?


SHA. is cultivating a new kind of spatial design – for all senses, with all senses. The person and his/her perception is central, is at once the starting point and destination, cause and effect of this spatial design: SHA. designs SensorySpaces – for holistic experiences.

What makes these SensorySpaces special?

These spaces let you immerse yourself, they touch you on many levels and give you a feeling of boundaries dissolving, a feeling of freedom. The aim of this spatial design is to strengthen the connection between a person and his/her surroundings – indeed, to merge person and space.

How does a SensorySpace differ from other spaces?

SHA. redefines the design process as the sensory touching of the whole person. Multi-sensory. Spatial form, colour, light, materiality, touch, but also sound, oscillation and scent will be reconnected and composed to create one great whole: SHA. speaks of HOLISTIC DESIGN.

How does HOLISTIC DESIGN work exactly?

Thinking and feeling on an equal footing. This design process is characterized by »Sensory work«: the usual architectural focus on the factual is rebalanced by SHA. – from the question of functionality and technology to the question of sense and sensuousness:

How will you feel in the constructed space?
What do you perceive there – as true?

What are the prerequisites?

The prerequisite is that you are prepared for joint sensible and sensory work, for the interplay between perceiving and designing. You need bravery. And of course good decision-making abilities, as well as the associated material means. Your reward: something special. Inspiration, originality, self-fulfilment.

Which spaces are suited to HOLISTIC DESIGN?

SHA. designs SensorySpaces in interiors and exteriors, as well as in public spaces. From a museum, bank and airport to corporate headquarters, a brownfield site and farm, church, castle and design hotel to a cruise liner, spa and doctor’s surgery. In all of those places there is already HOLISTIC DESIGN.

Who commissions SHA.?

People with vision. People who are searching for something special – for a unique, value-improving solution to their design project. Proprietors, investors, planners.

What is it exactly that SHA. offers?

To realize SensorySpaces, the SHA. studio acts as a »full-service provider« and offers the following services: from conception, planning and implementation to communication and marketing, but also technical service. Everything from one source: 100% authentic. Original.

What do other people say about it?

»The cutting edge of design innovation: HOLISTIC DESIGN by SHA.« (Zukunftsinstitut Matthias Horx)
»Really impressive – thanks to futuristic design and exciting interaction« (Der Spiegel)
»SHA. designed immersive environments target all our senses« (FRAME)
»In these spaces, you can hear, see and feel music« (FAZ Frankfurter Allgemeine)
»SHA. spaces are out of this world« (NZZ Neue Züricher Zeitung)

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Product Development

Which »products« does SHA. develop?

Multi-sensory objects that aspire to speak to you as a user in a holistic way, to touch you in a sensory way. SHA. understands his »products« not as design objects, but as artworks that expand their range of efficiency. The development takes place either single-handedly or in cooperation with a brand.

What exactly does SHA. offer?

The SHA. studio acts as a »full-service provider« and thereby offers the entire development process: from idea generation, research, planning and prototyping to implementation, setting up production and pilot series – as well as services in the areas of marketing, sales development and technical support.

What makes SHA. product developments stand out?

They are always innovative, individual product solutions that have clear, unique features. SHA.’s insights from his work in perception research enter into the development process. These products are not »brainchildren« but stem from the »gut«. They are grounded – subtly and materially – in the context of clearly defined values.

What is the philosophy behind it?

SHA.’s products are developed according to the principles of HOLISTIC DESIGN. Within them, they bear the inner wisdom of the holistic design process and reflect this in their external appearance. Objects are transformed into »nobjects«: non-objects that are able to reduce – even cancel out – the distance between person and object, and between person and environment.

Feeling connected rather than separated.

Who commissions product developments by SHA.?

Entrepreneurial people who attach great importance to the combination of sense and sensuousness in their own products – as well as to the ability to experience their corporate philosophy, their brand, their trademark.

What do other people say about it?

»With SHA. something unique has been achieved; customers and the press are enthralled«
(Stefan Schöllhammer, KLAFS)
»This innovation by SHA. is a powerful charging station for stressed managers« (TREND)
»Design for the precious moments that lie between consciousness and sleep« (FRAME)
»A delightful overlapping of art and therapy« (Univ.Prof.Dr. Thomas Slunecko, UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA)
»HOLISTIC DESIGN in the sauna of the future. That’s exciting!« (SAUNA DESIGN MAGAZINE)
»Unique! SHA. is the latest in relaxation art.« (VOGUE)

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Creative Workshop

What is creative consulting?

Art is part of the economy. Can the economy also be part of art? From his conviction that art and the economy can together achieve something unique for people – without them losing their identity in the process – SHA. has developed his own format: creative consulting.

What is a creative workshop?

A seminar in which SHA. imparts his expertise. A seminar for participation and experience-based learning. There are equal measures of knowledge transfer and interaction. Creativity and perception are central. Creativity as humanity’s primal competence – and perception as SHA.’s core competence.

SHA. cultivates the creative as a key resource for our future.

What happens exactly?

SHA. imparts practical know-how, theoretical knowledge and fascinating insights from perceptual research. This is secret knowledge that can only be possessed by someone who is professionally »primally creative«. SHA. imparts this »primal knowledge« through exercises, training sessions, holistic experiences. During these sessions, participants talk, make sounds, paint, smell, taste – and sometimes even bathe...

What results does it lead to?

SHA. creates space for development. He makes a person’s core oscillate on a holistic level. It leads to a new place for you, for your personality, your identity. You feel encouraged and affirmed – to think creatively, to invent, to envision. You see new perspectives and can let go of old troublesome thoughts. You see yourself in a new light.

SHA. understands this process as an initiation.

What’s behind it?

Counsel rather than imposed advice.

Via your senses, SHA. awakens your own creativity and hence enables you to come to new insights and realizations. This moment of developing your own strength usually opens surprisingly new perspectives on existing topics and challenges: a new perception.

Who is a creative workshop for?

For organizations and companies. SHA. offers this workshop format for small groups of up to 10 participants. A creative workshop is especially right for you if your team has got stuck but is looking for something »new«. If you want to strengthen your branding and your identity. But also if you are facing particularly big challenges in a specific project.

What do other people say about it?

»The artist as consultant – that’s creative!« (BILDUNG AKTUELL)
»What holistic perception is capable of initially exceeded our power of imagination« (HOTEL STYLE)
»SHA. means entering into a new world of spiritual energy« (GALA)
»Finally a creative consultant: SHA. creates space for something new« (KURIER)
»SHA. has become a manufacturer of galactic journeys!« (KLEINE ZEITUNG)
»A magical effect that almost puts you in a trance« (ORF)

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Creative Coaching

What does coaching by SHA. mean?

Visionary work. Strategic visionary work between artist and manager. SHA. strengthens your intuition, your inspiration and the innovative energy within you. He offers creative support during change processes: innovative steps, construction and design projects, branding and change.

What happens exactly?

SHA. leads you as a coach through the creative process – it’s as if he were taking over your leadership role. He takes the pressure off you as a responsible strategist. He gives you free space that you can use to grasp your own creative potential: opposite SHA. you will act differently, present yourself differently and hence see yourself from a different perspective.

You will see things in yourself that you were previously unaware of.

What can be achieved with creative coaching?

Ease: enables you to find new approaches – even to difficult issues. Unconventionality: allows you to think outside your box. Imagination: opens the door to the playing field for your suppressed needs. Intuition: strengthens your gut instinct and makes you free for »intuitive management«. You will become more sensitive: your communication skills will improve and with them your sense of the moment, your sense for opportunities.

How is that achieved?

Pre-existing, implicit knowledge is transferred into explicit – i.e. visible and operational – knowledge. Unlike conventional management consultants, SHA. contributes an almost playfully creative, artistic way of looking at things. As a result, other, »soft« values gain space. They will make it possible to experience you and your company in a »sensory« way. That is what sustainable branding can achieve.

What will it give rise to?

In many cases, a longstanding relationship will arise – something special between the manager and the artist. Often a desire arises for a spatial, physical manifestation of what they have worked out together: this is how a holistic supervisory boardroom, an award-winning plaza design, a spa attraction and a product innovation as a multi-sensory spatial concept came into being in recent years.

Who is it for?

SHA.’s coaching is aimed at leaders who integrate the strength of qualitative change in their organizational structure. Particularly for top management, the unconventional examination of the »creative in you« comprises a true potential to liberate yourself from thought patterns, to leave well-worn paths, to explore new decision-making terrain.

What do other people say about it?

Creative consulting is a confidential, personal and discreet process. As such, we do not mention any references by name.

However, in the past decision-makers from astonishingly wide-ranging organizations have embarked on this adventure: from a hotel director, city planner and bank manager to a real estate developer, tourism professional and global leader.

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Creative Lecture

What is a creative lecture?

SHA. appears at international events and congresses as a speaker and keynote speaker. He does this as an artist and as an innovator – as an expert in creativity and the unconventional. With his unorthodox presentation style, he creates a bridge to the audience, to the everyday, to the reality of his listeners:

SHA. touches people.

What makes a creative lecture stand out?

Just as in his work as an artist, SHA. consciously transcends conventions as a lecturer. His lectures are multi-sensory: they make sounds, are luminous and even give off scents – they can be »felt«. They are alive, inspiring, often even provocative. Yet despite this, they impart competence and technical expertise. SHA. himself speaks of »lecture performances«.

What are these lectures about?

SHA. is a lateral thinker; it is a similar case with his lecture topics. Creativity is the basic motive, encircled by the 3 big »i-s«: intuition, inspiration and innovation. SHA. can bring this energy field to bear in a wide range of specialized contexts and branches.

Where does SHA. speak?

Everywhere that people are leaving constricting trains of thought, opening their perception and exploring new terrain: »Fearful rigidity or innovative spirit – both spring from encounters with the unusual. I see it as my responsibility to strengthen people in their ability to regenerate, indeed in their power to innovate.«

Where has SHA. already appeared?

Global Spa Summit in Bali . Vienna Design Week . Science Centre Conference in London . Szenografie Kolloquium in Dortmund . European Spa Conference in Marbella . Austrian Consultancy Day at Vienna’s Hofburg Palace . Spa China Summit in Shanghai . Waldzell Meeting at Melk Abbey . Enquete Cultural and Creative Industries at the Austrian Parliament . Guest lecture at the Art Institute of New York City .

What is the philosophy behind it?

»Creative thinking in everyday business can find outstanding inspiration in the viewpoints and patterns that characterize the everyday life of an artist. I want to facilitate this transfer process, this initial spark with my creative lectures.«

Who books SHA.?

Event organizers who are looking for something special: an authentic personality whose own horizon of experience stretches from art via science to the economy – and who can impart this in a »tangible« way in interaction with the audience. SHA. is booked by organizations and companies, training institutes and agencies, event and conference organizers.

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