Eternity is Now Now is Eternity

I is another, said Rimbaud. I is no other, says SHA. There is nothing »other« about that.

Time and space in abundance. That is the true luxury of our time. Do YOU live in luxury?

Fearful rigidity or innovative spirit. Both grow from encounters with the unconventional. What would YOU like to strengthen?

No other eternity exists than the one that you can experience in the here and now. Experience your here and your now!

In my world, one does not result in the other. Rather, everything is one.

What we are looking for is what we are

The sensory impression is given sense in the sensory system

My art does not come from being able. But from not being able to not make art. And … from not being able to do anything else.

Nothing is more constant than Change Change is more constant than Nothing

Nothing is more constant than change Change is more constant than nothing

The one and the other are connected to one-another

A hole would not exist – without what surrounds it. Only through the relationship between hole and non-hole does the hole emerge.

Being cannot be without nonbeing. And nonbeing cannot be without being. Sense cannot be without nonsense. And nonsense cannot be without sense. Nothing cannot be without everything. And everything cannot be without nothing.

The power beyond words

Before every change there is an appreciation of what is. Because without this act of awareness we would not recognize the change. Appreciate in order to recognize.

Where language stops, the senses start to play

You are as you see the world. You are what you see in the world. You are the world that you see.

Let’s explore the being of our senses. And trace the sense of being at the same time.

We make sense and nurture the senses. Sense emerges. But does so first within you. Your sense emerges through your senses and in your senses.

This journey will take you to the horizon of your experiences. There you will run ashore by the sea of words and set off on the road back to the strength beyond language.