Time is a function of space.
And space is an astonishing function of time.

This realization provides the impulse for the formal development of the artwork. As such, time is contained in space, in front of us, in us.

Then we simply take what is there, the status quo. We take the solid, the solidly built grid of this functional architecture and put it in motion through an artistic intervention. We »dynamize« this building. We re»organ«ize this building’s structure and do so with means that are directly derived from its architecture. We do so by means of a digital network structure that we derive directly from the existing physical and architectural conditions on site.

Which opens up a TimeSpace – or indeed a SpaceTime – that produces an additional profundity in everyday life in Dresden: previous time, when the house stood idle, and subsequent time, when it will be revived, continue to live alongside one another in this profundity. And yes, the time when, having stood on precisely this site for 600 years, the Sophienkirche became Dresden’s only Gothic church to be torn down against the will of the population in an arbitrary act by the GDR government. Where the pain, where the wound of this city is still perceptible: there, art is light.

Art as a skin of light, as an aura of light is a powerful symbol for a deep understanding of vitality. This light is a point of connection, quasi the »wormhole« that connects dimensions – between the dead house and The Living House, between past and future. A space-time reflection with a historical and social dimension. Healing.