The aesthetics of my spatial art is influenced by a fundamental need for holism. To achieve this, I attempt to combine traditional opposites in my art.


The futuristic farness of space as often perceived in my SensorySpaces stems from the primal human desire for transformation, for immaterial dissolution of the physical space-time continuum. At the same time, I want to let people immerse themselves in art first-hand, instead of merely putting artworks in front of them. The sensory nearness of multisensory stimulations necessary for that stems from the fundamental human need for touch, emotion and security.


I like to combine futuristic aesthetics based on modern media technology with a primordial, archaic effect – so that people can have healing and sensory primeval experiences in the middle of our high-performance society. SensorySpaces are therefore simultaneously archaic and futuristic.


With my art, I want to heighten perception – both inward and outward: the strengthened connection between a person’s intuitively felt »InnerSpace« and the materially perceived »OuterSpace« of the world is a core motif of all SensorySpaces. With the creative merging of these opposing directions, I want to intensify the holistic resonance: between person and space, between the self and the world and between the material and the immaterial. Often this happens »quietly« ... at the edges of human existence, when prenatal perceptions or spiritual visions of the distant future are reported.


The principle of supra-dichotomy explained here – connecting traditional opposites to create a newly perceptible form of resonance – infuses the aesthetics of the SensorySpaces in a crucial way, on many levels, in a multisensory manner ... through hearing, sight, sense, oscillation, etc. In all my designs, I want to make it possible to sense immaterial energy in the material space: touching spaces, spatializing touch. This means that SensorySpaces are perceived on the one hand as spaceless and timeless, and on the other as full of time and full of space – FullTime and FullSpace.

It is in this holistic approach of FullTime and FullSpace that my unique, personal secret of sensory design lies. I call it: allness. Allness is the feeling of being all.


In an age that likes to focus on deficits – on what is lacking – I conceive of my SensorySpaces as a herald of a healing message to the perceiving individual: »You are all. Complete. Whole. You are intact. Nothing is lacking. You are perfect as you are. And in my SensorySpaces you can sense that.«


As an artist, I live the vision of a world where that which is fundamentally human – our own perception – once again plays a more important role than is currently the case. Sensory and extrasensory perceptions are at the heart of my work. With SensorySpaces, I would like to expand people’s perceptive skills and build trust in our intuition.

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