Creative Consulting A report about creative life

Work creatively

As an artist who is interested in testing the limits and strict rules of the art industry, a few years ago I started working with »normal« companies and organizations – working with them creatively. The starting point was the theory that the inspirational energy behind artistic processes could be carried over to design and innovation processes in the business world, too – and that actually something fundamentally new may then emerge in this newly created playground.

What is a »creative consultant«?

Just as I do as an artist and as a perception researcher, as a »creative consultant« I also consciously venture beyond conventions. »Creative Consulting« is intended to be a kind of interdisciplinary advice, confidential support and collaboration on an equal footing. It is based on the conviction that by concentrating on non-technical areas of experience, more fundamental and wide-reaching approaches to solutions are usually generated than by merely diving deeper from a technical perspective into the problem area of a limited subject.
The decision-makers and managers of astonishingly varied companies and institutions have embarked on just that kind of adventure in recent years: from a hotel director to a city planner to a bank manager, from a real estate developer to a tourism expert to a global market leader in the production industry.

The power beyond the words

The actual value of Creative Consulting lies in the energy »between the lines«. Particularly for top management – whose room for manoeuvre is actually very limited and under constant supervision – this unconventional exploration of their creative side can take effect as genuine potential to free themselves from established thought patterns, to get off the beaten track and discover new terrains of decision-making.
This is where an artist – an expert in the relationship between people’s sense and people’s senses – steps in: at the foundation of how our world works, where people’s sense has not yet separated from people’s senses.

The sensory is central

Let me say that again: where people’s sense has not yet separated from people’s senses – that’s where intrinsic motivation, joy and natural ability prevail. In the resonance process between manager and artist, it is possible to achieve what is usually beyond the reach of conventional consultancy settings: the seemingly effortless balance between material value and immaterial values.

Create space!

In this new connection between sense and senses, value and values, a new space emerges – a space in the imagination, but also a space in reality.
It is in »creating space« that the main motive of Creative Consulting lies: a creative process that should be understood as both symbolic and literal, imaginary and real. Both cases are about opening up a »space for development«, a new place to cultivate people’s creative side.
And that’s why many Creative Consultations that initially started on a consulting level eventually led to a desire to manifest the process in »real space«. Many individual spatial artworks have consequently arisen at the intersection of artist/manager: a holistically designed meeting room, the prize-winning design of a public square, a relaxation room as a spa attraction, large-scale percent-for-art projects in the real estate development sector, as well as a product innovation in the form of a multisensory spatial concept.

The 3 important » i «s

The aim is to bring to the fore what is individual and unique about your »intuition«, combine it with your »inspiration« and transform it into a genuine »innovation«. When it’s possible to feel your innovative skills on a sensory level, it’s easier to integrate them sustainably into your everyday working life.

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