On the Essence of Change. What you will encounter is You.

What you will encounter is You.
Regardless of what you have
and what you are.

If you want lasting change, then first appreciate what you already have. Because if you can’t do that, then you also won’t be able to appreciate what you have changed after you change.

Change is everything. Everything is change. Life is change. And yet we think and worry so much about this basic principle, which is autotelic and happens as an end unto itself in life – even entirely without our support. Self-help books are currently thriving on the idea of being able to wish for, work for, structure the right change – the emphasis being on »right«.

The craze for change in our day and age carries the danger of simply forgetting to experience, to live – perhaps even to appreciate – the various qualities of the here and now. Instead, we turn our attention to what needs changing – what shouldn’t be as it is.

The aim of my art, my SensorySpaces, is to revitalize people in the here and now – and not to change them. My aim is to open DevelopmentSpaces in people for the individual potential that everyone has within them. The resulting revitalization of the relationship between the interior and the exterior, between the self and the world, can consequently be the fertile soil for enhancements and changes. Ultimately, however, this can only be achieved permanently if people can carve out this process of change without restriction – of their own accord and in line with their own, usually subconscious principle of self-organization.

That being the case, if my SensorySpaces have another sense other than what they are, then that sense is probably that they can revitalize people in their sense – without outwardly aiming at changing and improving the world.

It is my good fortune that I like what I have
just as much as I like what I want.
And that I also want to be what I am.

SHA. © 2015