Sense senses – Sense sense

Our studio creates SensorySpaces. SensorySpaces for holistic experiences. These creations are shaped by the conviction that every human – including you and me – can »sense« their own deeper sense via their senses, via their perception.

In our SensorySpaces you can hone your perception – both inwards and outwards. Precisely this connection between the »InternalSpace« within us and the »ExternalSpace« around us lies at the heart of our creative work: we want to strengthen the resonance we feel between human & space, between me & the world, between the material & the immaterial.

Inwardly, our SensorySpaces open up direct access to the so-called felt knowledge – to your intuition. This archaic access in our SensorySpaces is based not on words, not on language, but on basal sensory experiences. With which you can more clearly perceive your very own potential both physically and mentally without any mental barriers, learn how to appreciate it anew and sustainably strengthen your faith in this, your inner wisdom.

Outwardly, our SensorySpaces look like a radically new technique to design spaces. Spatial design for our senses that is first and foremost oriented towards how you feel in the built space and what you perceive there. Our SensorySpaces can touch you as a whole person on many levels. Which is why we speak of »Holistic Design«.

In our SensorySpaces you can perceive new connections between the »inside« and »outside« and hence advance into new space-time dimensions. The result is space for you, space for your development:

»SpaceDevelopment« through »DevelopmentSpace«


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