Sensory Tourism. Travelling outwards & travelling inwards.

Travel is changing. That part of life that grew most rapidly over recent decades has now been now hit hardest globally by the coronavirus – completely off guard and without warning. Much is currently standing still or can only carry on under different circumstances. In the new lease of life for tourism after overcoming the worst part of the crisis, providers of travel and travel experiences are going to have to deal with new needs and different values. Regardless of whether people are travelling for work or pleasure, trust will be their top priority, closely followed by a desire for connection, for joint experiences of resonance and for moments of transformation.

Essential prerequisites for success among ALL those working in tourism will therefore be skills like authenticity, transparency and communication.

However, in future the providers who will do particularly well are those who in addition to the »must-have« of safety can also credibly and tangibly convey the attitude towards life in a particular city, country or very special place.

New tourism

The coronavirus pandemic has given us humans the time to think about many things in a new and different way. Travelling remains a fundamental human need – nothing will change there. But how we spend our lifetimes – in future once again perceived as precious – is something that more people are now thinking about. The mass tourism industry will run into serious problems in that regard. Either it will die or it will have to change radically.

The winners will definitely include individual offers that can win over travellers emotionally with their high credibility, a resonance of values between guest and host, and with unique experiences.

Thanks to COVID-19, travelling is once again becoming a sensory matter.

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