My Fantastic World

»Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited.« (Albert Einstein)

I live in a constructive world, in a constructivist world. There is no I in this world. And there is no opposite, no You. There isn’t even a We.

There is just what there is.

In this world, one doesn’t lead to the other, and the other doesn’t lead to one, but rather everything is one.

In this world, cause and effect are fiction. Cost and benefit, too. Well-taught and well-intended fiction.

Even people’s will, that famous free will, is fiction that we disprove day in, day out.

But ultimately, fiction is fiction, too.

So who or what designs everything? Who designs the universe (and everything)?

What is. What is designs what is. Being designs itself – from itself: fundamentally creative.

And me?

I am what I am. I am what is. I am being.

And you?

You are what you are. You are what is. You are being.

And we?

We are what we are. We are what is. We are being.

© SHA. 2015