Through these aesthetics of slowness, the hurried passer-by defies the deeper significance of this art in such a staircase. It is almost as though these sounds, lights, colours and oscillations deliberately wanted to »force« us to pause for a moment. I.e. stand still and yet be en route at the same time. Because only then does the actual, deeper quality present itself; that which lies behind this spatial installation.

In the middle of our everyday lives, we seem to recognize a highly complex and simultaneously secretive structure of sensory impressions in the background of being. Sounds, lights, colours and oscillations that open new connection channels between the ages in individuals themselves. The immaterial value that this evokes in the individual is the true value of this art. In this sense we can speak here of a new kind of »SacredSpace«.


SensorySpaces by SHA. let you immerse yourself in a new perception of time and space. They give you a feeling of »deceleration and dissolution«. They achieve this thanks to their special, holistic aesthetics – thanks to a spatial design for all senses and with all senses. SHA. calls that HOLISTIC DESIGN.

The aim of these SensorySpaces is to strengthen the connection between people and their surroundings. SHA. wants to strengthen the resonance between the self and the world, people and space, inside and outside, ultimately the material and the immaterial. As a result, you expand your own, individual horizon of perception.

Ultimately you will strengthen your intuition, your inspiration and your innovative energy. And on a social level experiences like this strengthen our sense of appreciation and tolerance, inwards and outwards – beyond fundamentalism and arrogance.

Art as immaterial architecture