Art & Architecture #4 THE VISUAL CONCEPT

From the serial façade of the existing architecture we derive intersections, an entire network of intersections, which we now start to play with.

In the beginning there is the point. The point of light. Then it becomes several points of light, which form a line when they are observed. At first, one line, then several lines that form a surface, a shell, a dynamic strip. That then transforms into the Möbius strip – a wondrous two-dimensional structure that has just one edge and one surface and in which we are consequently unable to differentiate between the inside and the outside.

That then becomes the wave, as a symbol of vitality and change. A wave that almost lovingly winds around the – far too strictly and geometrically organized – building, indeed »touches« it lovingly. Then various wave shapes grow out of the wave, the pulsating sine waves – as a symbol of the pulse beat of life, quite simply THE »proof of life«. Plastic, almost trivial symbolism that everyone knows from countless film motifs. The heartbeat.

Eventually, the wave forms, Möbius strips and light lines overlap to create a helix, a double helix. It reminds us of the human lifeline – the DNA.