Art as sense making (3/3). How rarely we are where we are.

How can a »space« touch us?

In answering this question, I as an artist – as a designer of spaces – see the greatest potential in sense-making. In this I see a reorientation of art, aligned towards the changed needs of modern man in the midst of our high-performance society. But with »space« I by no means restrict myself to external, physical space ...

Let’s develop a new design culture, a sensible and sensory design culture!

Let’s allow the imaginary SinnRäume (sensible spaces) in ourselves to visit more frequently. And let’s cultivate this search with real SinnesRäumen (sensory spaces) – with holistically designed surroundings that make it easier to become immersed in ourselves:

I proclaim space design for all senses – with all senses.

Holistically designed spaces speak to the child in us rather than the adult. And this does no harm to our world – quite the contrary. HOLISTIC DESIGN activates unconventional brain processes, stimulating our creativity, strengthening our skills of perception and refining our sensibility. Ultimately, HOLISTIC DESIGN promotes in people an alternative programme to the threatening total functionalization of our media society.

In a world in which localization – feeling in the here and now – is a rare moment, perhaps we can even stimulate the defining answers to the moving topics of our time with such holistic experiences.

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