Art as sense making (1/3). How rarely we are where we are.

Our society is changing. We are achieving more. We are all acting more quickly. And every one of us has at our disposal more information than ever before. We are living in the 21st century. Here and now, we have the chance to live previous generations’ vision.

However, this achievement, this tempo, this information explosion is distancing us from each other – and, in a curios way, from ourselves, too. It is increasingly rare that we can transform the objective gain in information and opportunities into individual knowledge, into useful knowledge, into perceived knowledge that could help us as people to feel better connected to ourselves and, ultimately, also to our environment.

In this modern, 21st century, many people are asking themselves the frankly archaic question as to their life energy. Our urban everyday working – and meanwhile also recreational – life bears the potential to perpetually entertain us, to occupy us, to challenge us, but also to overwhelm us. The logic of growth and competition leads to an ever greater pressure to achieve and be productive and, finally, to a concentration of time and space. Simultaneously, new demands are constantly beating down on us. In this age of globalization, the »always on society« and perpetual communication with modern media, a curious feeling of placelessness and deterritorialization is spreading into the everyday, a kind of »pulverization« of the real world:

If I can be everywhere at the same time, where am I really?

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