Alternative to Fear

In Europe, a vast migration movement is currently »happening« – in the past we would have called it a migration of peoples. Different worlds are coming together. Which is challenging our systems. Fear and intolerance are spreading once again – as if by reflex.

In this time of uncertainty, I want to locate and ground my art as an alternative to fear:


Art creates sense – and thereby creates courage. I understand my art as sense-making, as a tool to refine people. Art can strengthen the trust within us and refill the source with intuition, inspiration and innovation, too. Art as an intimate experience with you, yourself – for the good of the world. Because the joy in your individual, in the uniqueness of yourself, generates respect for others. Yet above all, a passion for creativity arises, which unites us all rather than dividing us. In uniting different worlds, we create something special. That is the opportunity for Europe today.

I want to generate a sense of tolerance with my art – beyond fundamentalism, pride and ignorance. Because ultimately what it’s really all about is self-love, as a prerequisite for world-love. And this world-love is something we need more urgently than ever today, in our high-performance society.

All around the world.

SHA. © 2015