Resonance Spaces

The futurologist Matthias Horx has named resonance the keyword of 2018. Resonance is the oscillation of a system … amplification … social power. Resonance is the keyword of our age, a code word that helps us understand contemporary phenomena.

Today, social change through resonance is largely generated in the digital realm via digital media. When we look at ourselves, when we look at our children, it becomes extremely clear: nothing is as important to us as our smartphones. Indeed, it seems as though everything – and I really do mean everything – that appears on a screen is currently more important, has more significance, than what we perceive in real spaces, in analogue reality.

But this comes at a price: complete interconnectedness, permanent distraction, sensory overload, constant availability. What does that do to us? What actually happens with our human(e) senses in a predominantly digital world? And what can we do to strengthen the human(e) in the digital age? What do we »adolescents« need to prepare ourselves for the world that we will face as adults?

We see our »SensorySpaces« as »ResonanceSpaces«. We understand them as inspiring impulses. We understand them as answers to these often pressing questions. We understand them as a fundamentally new way to design our real spaces – with our senses – for our senses.


Senses make sense


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