»The True Strength« A ChristmasStory by SHA.

the true strength
is made of silence

the true silence
is made of strength

of the way
we breathe
silence commercializes
silent commerce?

what a ridiculous thought
finding this ridiculous today
everything commercialized
that is the truth

subtle changes
stealthily sneak around
in the veiled garden of innocence
hastily they relocate themselves
every time the veil is recognized

they don’t dare to shine brightly
the way subtle changes
of nature
in nature
would be more than able to

ware becomes were
those stealthy, hasty, bright
subtle changes
are no longer our focus
no longer in the spotlight

two young men meet there
who can
call themselves sons
who have
themselves recognized
named as sons
sons of god
oscillating through the stream of stars

the situation changes
music sounds in the background
sounds from space
it is a small
dry and dull-sounding space
with no echo
a stable

space without echoes
and again
almost unnoticed
the subtle changes sneak
onto the scene
whether space or echo plays a role
not none

the young men
and are searching
for relevance
relevance for their role

just as the actor
the showman
the individual letters of his role
and finally
spits them out
this is how the irrelevant factor feels
on the stage

in the limelight
without being in the light

hogging the limelight
without brightness

the candles flicker
the brothers search for cosiness
each like the other
but don’t show it

wise snow

where does the self locate itself
in this field
in this field of a stage

is his
one’s own
in our self-will
where do the echoes from space
send the kings?

hardly strange
shining beyond one’s own horizon
the sun’s gone
the sun’s song
one brother is holy
the other wants to be
both are united by more
than belief
a deep, solid belief
in son-liness
as the son has to stick
to those
who are
and will be
in eternity
in the arms
lie in each other’s arms

there are subtle changes here

contentment spreads
far beyond the horizon
the sky shines
it is a struggle
says one
a gift
says the other


© SHA. 2016