Art as a journey of discovery

»The driving force behind my creative work is playful scientific curiosity. For me, it’s a case of nothing less than discovering the universe ... the unending vastness of our existence – now but no longer far out in space, but very close and deep inside ourselves. For me, “art” became a suitable context for this inward journey of discovery.«

The interaction of the senses

»The core of my art lies in sensory research. Our perception always works holistically – but the design of spaces doesn’t take that into account! I am now creating an artistic process that connects our senses in a new way. Transferring this interaction of the senses from the world of perception to the world of design is, in my opinion, a revolution.«

Time and space

»Today, designed spaces face a different and new task: they should strengthen people’s equilibrium and ability to regenerate – by “touching” us. I want to make immaterial energies palpable in material space. For this reason, my SensorySpaces are holistic: on the one hand beyond time and space, on the other filled with time and space – indeed, full-time and full-space.«

SensorySpace as DevelopmentSpace

»I have learnt to trust that every person already bears within him-/herself what s/he is looking for. Otherwise s/he couldn’t look for it. If I can open the door to intuition – to this inner knowledge – with my artistic activities and offer a concrete space with my artworks in which people can develop, as it were, then I will have achieved a great deal.«

Democratization of art

»With my creative work, I want to demonstrate how art can and will now make inroads into the everyday and thereby push the historic boundaries of museums, theatres and concert halls. I see this as a significant step towards the democratization of art, as well as towards enhancing creativity in our society.«

A new generation of artists

»I feel that I belong to a new generation of artists who invent, present and market themselves in one and the same process – so as to immediately find the resources for a new invention ... I am looking for new relationships between art, research and the economy.«

Balancing in the 21st century

»I see my activities as socially anchored in the 21st century’s change in values: from the rationalist philosophy of logic to a holistic worldview that is concerned more with balancing, instead of defending radical, opposite standpoints. HOLISTIC means feeling more connected with yourself and with the world and less separated from it ... seeing and being seen for your capabilities and less for your shortcomings and failings ... and consequently also being able to see the world through those eyes.«


»I now know that my art can, in many people, open a preverbal and consequently very direct door to their intuition. I experience this door as a fundamental act of expanding human potential. My SensorySpaces transport many people into this special state: they feel “whole”. Holistic. I like to call this feeling “Allness”.«

Univ.Prof. Dr. Thomas Slunecko

»The designs by SHA. cast a spell over people in which their usual perception of the world expands. SHA. experiments with the relationship between the ego and the world – beyond deadlocked notions of thoughts about the subject and the object. As such, he continues a tradition of “immersive art” that wants to enable people to immerse themselves in works of art rather than simply positioning those artworks opposite people.«


Who is SHA.?

A creative multi-talent: artist and researcher, lateral thinker and visionary, innovator and product developer, lecturer and performer, consultant and author. SHA. himself paints, sings, composes and plays numerous musical instruments. He designs sculptures, interlinks media spaces and constructs real spaces. He transcends the boundaries of art forms.


SHA.’s roots come from his early years spent on a farm, in the great outdoors, where his senses could develop particularly intuitively. His core talent is musicality – at a young age he taught himself how to play several instruments. Then his interest in sensory and perceptual research ... and finally in multi-sensory design started to develop.


SHA. completed degrees in composition, music theory and electroacoustics at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Subsequently, he attended masterclasses and centres for computer music and installation art across Europe. Today, SHA. lives in Vienna, on his farm in Styria and on journeys around the world.

The early years: from composer to media artist

SHA. experimented with classical musicians in unusual orchestrations – even including a symphony orchestra whose members had to deliver a brilliant performance on household objects. Then he started to incorporate multimedia components in his ever-elaborate musical theatre. He designed video works, as well as interactive installations, and succeeded at avant-garde art festivals.

The next steps: expanding horizons

Yet the field of contemporary art became too narrow for SHA.: the public space and entirely new areas that are usually considered alien to art became the central subject of his art. In doing so, he wanted to address a broader and more impartial audience – and ultimately achieve more. He also expanded his oeuvre to include creative consulting and creative lectures – SHA. speaks of »lecture performances«.


Indeed, you can now find SHA. in a museum and in a loft apartment, in hotels and in spas, in a therapeutic practice and in a hospital, in an office and in an airport, in a bank and in a castle, in an establishment and in the sanctuary of a church. Research into the impact of his art in entirely different areas is of personal importance to SHA. He likes to call himself a »context researcher«.

What effect does SHA. have?

He inspires people. He raises people’s awareness of their senses and their deeper sense. He initiates new mindsets and sensations. In doing so, he transcends everyday boundaries. SHA. himself feels and moves beyond the »norm«. That is also the effect he has.

The most important references

With his projects, SHA. creates new relationships between art, research and the economy. He has a wide range of references: from the interactive House of Music in Vienna to the Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg, the ICFF in New York, the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, the W Hotel in Hong Kong ... all the way to media relations work for the ORF, ARTE, BBC – as well as his projects with André Heller.

The most important awards

His works have found recognition in recent years in the Austrian Museum Prize and the Multimedia State Prize, as have his research activities in the form of the famous Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship. »AlphaSphere« and »Wolke 7 Cloud 9« have gained international recognition thanks to e.g. the European Health & Spa Award (Monaco) and the Indian Innovation Award (Delhi).

Mission Statement

What we do

We design special spaces: SensorySpaces for holistic experiences where you can rediscover your senses and develop your own, deep sense. In addition, we have developed a complete process – from the idea, planning and implementation to communication and experience-based marketing, as well as technical service and operative support.

Your benefit

SensorySpaces are spaces of appreciation for and development of what is unique in you and special in the world. With them, you will open a sensory door to your intuition – to your inner wisdom.

Our brand promise: »feel your knowledge«

What we offer

HOLISTIC DESIGN: We design individual SensorySpaces – unique items – that we develop in collaboration with the customer.

INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS: We offer premade spatial solutions, which as defined »products« can be used immediately.

CREATIVE CONSULTING: We also offer our expertise, which we impart in the special format of creative consulting.

Our fields of application

• Special construction and design projects
• Innovative proposals and product development
• Branding and change processes

Who we are

We are an interdisciplinary team of specialists around the Austrian artist SHA. We run a modern creative workshop in the historic heart of the cultural city of Vienna. We are united by our passion for democratizing art – preferably beyond traditional boundaries:

»SHA. brings art into your everyday life«

Where you can find us

You can find us where people are looking for development. Our SensorySpaces have developed in recent years from an elite minority programme to a phenomenon with majority appeal. You can now find creations by SHA. at more than 300 locations in 35 countries, across all industries, from A (like airport) to L (like luxury resort) and Z (like Zen monastery).

Who do we address?


Brand Philosophy

What does the SHA. brand stand for?

SHA. makes sense.
SHA. creates space.
SHA. designs SensorySpaces.

»Vision coupled with capacity to implement«

What does our brand promise?

The rediscovery of your senses. In our SensorySpaces you will enhance your perception – both inwardly and outwardly. The connection between you and your world is central – between the internal space within you and the external space around you: SHA. strengthens the resonance between the ego and the world, person and space, the material and the immaterial.

What effect does that have INTERNALLY?

Our SensorySpaces open a direct door to your intuition, to your »perceived knowledge«. This archaic approach is not based on words, but entirely on sensory experiences. You perceive your very own potential – both physical and psychological – holistically, and strengthen your trust in this, your inner wisdom.

What effect does that have EXTERNALLY?

Our SensorySpaces emerge as a radically new type of spatial design – for all the senses, with all the senses. A spatial design that is primarily oriented towards how you feel in the constructed space and what you perceive there. The multi-sensory design of our SensorySpaces touches you as a whole person on many levels: HOLISTIC DESIGN.

What is the »sense« of our SensorySpaces?

SHA.’s art can open a new door to yourself. In our SensorySpaces you can feel new connections between sense and senses – between the internal and the external – and hence advance into new dimensions of space and time. In doing so, you expand your horizon of perception and create space for you, space for your development:

»Space for development through developing space«

Is that also relevant to society?

SHA. sees sensitization through his SensorySpaces in a larger social context: »self-love« as a prerequisite for »world-love«. Pleasure in the individual creates attention to others and gives rise to a desire for creativity, which connects us all. With this, we want to create a sense of tolerance, beyond fundamentalism, pride and ignorance.


Mag.a Nicole Kürzer

Head of Corporate & Creative Communication

• Corporate Communication
• Creative Communication
• Digital Communication
• Project Management
• Public Relations

Gerd Gfrerer

Head of Strategy

• Strategic Sales Management
• Business Development

Bob Bork

Head of Business Development

• Project Manager
• International Sales Management
• Senior Project Development

Since 14 years SHA. follower, friend, fan and business partner.

Dipl. Ing. David Dorffner

Head of Research & Development

• Project Preparation and Execution
• Technical Research
• Product Development

Peter Kugler

Head of Technique

• Development
• Production
• Mounting & Service

Karin Engelbrecht

Head of Sales Management DACH

• National Sales Management (D/A/CH)
• Business Development
• Customer Care & Service

Corporate Mission

What is our economic goal?

We are convinced that we can only realize SHA.’s visions together with strong partners. For that reason, our studio is fundamentally oriented towards cooperations. We are looking for employers, customers and partners for successful long-term relationships. Collectively, we are interested in increasing value.

What is important to us?

Enthusiasm, fascination and 100% involvement are our natural strengths. Reliability, uncompromising quality standards and complete authenticity are the foundations of our partnerships.

What do we contribute?

We have a specific expertise and have recourse to a rich wealth of experiences when it comes to realized projects. When we advise, we do not hypothesize: we like counsel rather than imposed advice. Instead, we want to create a new space for our counterpart – to open a door to his/her own, inner knowledge. By doing so, we strengthen our joint innovative and creative energy.

What does that require?

That requires improvisation skills and a good sense of dynamics – frequently lateral thinking and breaking with familiar patterns, too. As a result, we have an effect that extends beyond all of the boundaries between branches, on an international and interdisciplinary level – by constantly searching for new relationships between art, research and the economy.

What is our basis?

The SHA. group of companies was founded in 2006 in order to promote the artistic visions of SHA., to communicate them publicly and to realize them professionally in concrete projects, together with partners.